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STITCH is a customizable suite of tools made specifically for learning communities. Manage content, utilize data, and coordinate people.

STITCH is the platform that runs, a global STEM community.

K-12 School Districts

Add a portal of STEM content directly into your L.M.S.

Track student performance and progress over time.

Blend hands-on and digital resources to personalized experience.

Museums & Science Centers

Keep visitors on your site longer by adding exhibit-aligned games and interactives.

Manage resources, content and people for your educational programs.

Reward visitors with credits that can be redeemed for marketplace products.

Educational Organizations

Manage resources, content and people for your educational programs.

Show funders the activity in your programs.

Manage the volunteer on-boarding process.

Conference Organizers

Keep speaker presentations and videos all in one place.

Extend the conference before and after the event.

Based on attendee interest, suggest stuff to buy from your sponsors.

How do I...?

Motivate continued learning?

Changing human behaviour is hard. That's why we built STITCH with a system of credits, levels and badges to motivate learners to interact in ways that are set up by the system administrator. We can add this layer of "gamification" to your existing content.

Organize multimedia content?

STITCH has a Content Management System built in. You can easily organize your videos, PDFs, lesson plans and images all in one place and share them with lists of learners. You won't have to email another PowerPoint presentation ever again.

Enhance learning using games?

Learning through play is powerful. Hundreds of high-quality games have already been built to be played on the STITCH platform. These games can be piped into your website or new games can be uploaded into the player.

Monitor user engagement data?

STITCH's powerful analytics engine collects data on learner behaviour, from how long they're taking on certain tasks, to where they're clicking. It's helpful to know which content is working for which learners, and how they are progressing.

Personalize learning experiences?

Content in STITCH can be assembled into personalized playlists for different groups of people depending on your goals. Learners often find affinity with different learning resources, something that can be easily tracked with STITCH's data engine.

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